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  • What is WIC?

  • Can foster parents, grandparents, single parents and families in the armed forces participate in WIC?

  • How does WIC help people?

  • Who does WIC help?

  • How long can a mom be on the WIC program?

  • How long can children be on the WIC program?

  • How does a family qualify for WIC?

  • What foods does WIC offer?

  • How do I purchase my WIC foods?

  • What do I need to bring for my WIC appointment?

  • What if I can’t find my card or it isn't working?

  • What are WIC classes for?

  • How do classes work?

  • I have a busy schedule. Is there a better time to come in so I won’t need to wait too long?

  • How can WIC help me with breastfeeding?

  • Can WIC help refer me to other services I need?

  • What is WIC’s contact info, hours and locations?