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Lease payments

Tenants wishing to pay lease payments in person are required to make those payments at the City Hall Annex, 301 W. Beauregard Ave.

Real Estate will no longer accept personal payments in our office.

The Real Estate Division manages two areas essential to the conduct of the business of the City: the acquisition, management and disposition of the City’s real estate interests; and the management of the recovery of financial obligations owed to the City.

A summary of the Real Estate Division's functions and responsibilities includes:
Property management

Manage the lease of City-owned properties, including Lake Nasworthy residential lot leases and special, commercial and grazing leases.

  • Code Compliance liens (privilege)
  • Paving assessments
  • Delinquent annual lake lot leases

Property acquisitions

  • Real property (needed for special projects)
  • Easements (for drainage, rights-of-way)

Property sales

  • Trustee lots (tax-foreclosed properties)
  • Identify and dispose surplus City-owned properties
  • Manage the sale of Lake Nasworthy residential lots to leaseholder

Purchasing foreclosed properties

Following are the special conditions and instructions regarding property purchases through the City's Real Estate Division:

Written offers

All offers must be in writing and signed by the individual desiring to purchase the subject property and include the following: 
  1. Date.
  2. Location and legal description of parcel.
  3. Dollar amount of offer (in addition to a $40 filing fee).
  4. The exact name to be placed on the deed.
  5. Buyer’s name.
  6. Buyer’s address.
  7. Buyer’s phone numbers (two of them).
  8. Written statement that buyer does not owe any delinquent taxes or fees to the City of San Angelo, Tom Green County or the San Angelo Independent School District.

Earnest money

Each written offer must be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check (on a solvent bank in the state of Texas), drawn to the order of the buyer in the sum of $350. The earnest money shall be made payable without condition to the City of San Angelo and is non-refundable once the offer has been accepted by the Real Estate staff. Monies furnished as “earnest money” will be credited toward the sales price.

Return of earnest money

Earnest money will be retained until Real Estate staff has determined the offer satisfies costs and accepts the written offer. If the offer is not accepted, the earnest money will be returned.  

Subject property

Buyer is responsible for being familiar with the property location and zoning. Property is sold “as is,” subject to all easements, blanket easements, right-of-ways, covenants, and conditions, zoning restrictions, water rights to grantor, and all other restrictions or conditions, including physical conditions.


The City of San Angelo does not make any warranties of guarantees, expressed or otherwise.


The City of San Angelo expressly reserves the right to accept and/or reject any offer. Final approval and acceptance rests with the City Council.

Tax resale deed

The City of San Angelo will issue a deed without warranty.


The City of San Angelo makes no representations as to the availability of utilities or costs associated with utilities. It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine availability and costs of utilities.

Taxes and City liens

Individual properties may be subject to additional taxes. Buyer has up to 60 days from the date of purchase to notify the Real Estate staff of any City liens. (Please note: Release of liens may take up to 30 days after notification.) After this date, the buyer will be monetarily responsible for all unpaid City liens.

Title insurance

Title insurance will be at the buyer’s expense if they so desire.

Purchasing trustee lots process

Property must be researched to determine availability, eligibility and fees. Resolutions and tax resale deed must be approved by the Office of the City Attorney. Each written offer must be scheduled, presented and approved by all three entities: San Angelo City Council, San Angelo Independent School District and Tom Green County.


Payment must be submitted within 30 days of final approval. Only cashier’s check, money order and cash are accepted.

Rights to redemption

All tax foreclosure sales are subject to the owner’s rights to redeem within the manner and time described in Section 34.21 of the Property Tax Code of the state of Texas.