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The Purchasing Division assists City departments with purchasing equipment, materials, supplies and services by seeking competitive sealed bids. Purchasing also assists departments in their specification writing to secure fair and open competition, and to assure responsible bidders are given an opportunity to compete for the City’s business.

It is our intention to make your interaction with the City of San Angelo purchasing process as easy as possible. This site is designed to assist you and answer frequently asked questions. For specific information on purchasing, please read the Guide To City Purchasing or call 325-657-4219.

Purchasing Overview

The City of San Angelo utilizes the competitive bidding (sealed bid) or competitive sealed proposal for various goods and services costing more than $50,000, unless exempted by state law. The City continually seeks sources that have the capability to provide high-quality goods and services to the City at competitive prices.

Public advertising: Purchasing and contracts involving an expenditure of $50,000 or more shall be advertised in the local newspaper of general circulation. A public notice will be published in the legal and/or bid section of the newspaper. The notice will list a description of the product or service needed, and the time and place where sealed bids or proposals will be received.

Public accessibility to bids and proposals: Subject to the following conditions, competitive bids are available for interested parties. Copies of data and information submitted in competitive sealed proposals/bids are not available for inspection prior to a contract being awarded by City Council. All information and data will be made available for inspection unless bidder clearly marks indicating information is proprietary (Chapter 552, Government Code, V.T.C.A., the Open Records Act). The City will assume information is not proprietary unless clearly marked by the vendor.

Request for Bids: Unless exempted under state law, municipal purchases of goods exceeding $50,000 must be advertised using the sealed bid process. Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. In the case of some purchases, bids will be opened and acknowledged so as not to disclose contents to other vendors during the review process. Bidders may be required to submit a best and final offer.

Request for Proposals: As a general rule, the City utilizes the Request for Proposal (RFP) method for procuring goods, services and professional services. This method is used when the competitive bidding method is not suitable, as in certain professional services under State of Texas statues. The RFP allows factors other than price to be considered. The RFP provides interested vendors with scope of work, time frame, specifications and evaluation criteria to be considered.