Morgan Christo

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Morgan Christo seems to be the only one surprised by her selection as a 20 Under 40 honoree.

Her husband, former honoree Lenny Christo, grew so emotional at the news tears may have been shed. (“My husband is a very passionate man,” his wife said.) Her father, Angelo State University President Brian May, noted he always knew his daughter was extraordinary.

“I was taught that giving back is not something you do out of obligation,” Christo said. “It’s something that is a privilege. I feel honored to serve.”  

Christo returned to her hometown from a public accounting job in downtown Houston after a beloved uncle suffered an accident that left him paralyzed. She planned to stay only a short while, but “life has a way of changing things for you.”

She met her husband, they married and started a family. The birth of her first child “changed this momma’s heart,” and she stepped away from her CPA career, which was on a path toward partnership at her firm.

“I’m so glad I took a chance and decided to bet on myself,” she said.

That led to an association with Ever Skincare, which offers clinical-grade products made with healthy ingredients. For two years running, Christo has been the company’s leading sales representative nationwide. She was introduced to Ever Skincare’s products by her sister.

“I said, ‘OK, but I’m never going to sell it, so don’t even try,’” Christo recalled. “And two days later I ate a lot of crow because I saw how great my skin looked.”

She has also found her niche as a community volunteer. Christo joined the Junior League of San Angelo to serve the community and to meet new friends. Today, she serves as its internal vice president and touts two Junior League programs in particular that have enriched her.

The Food for Kids program discreetly sends backpacks filled with food home with children enrolled in the free-lunch program. The effort ensures the youngsters will have something to eat over the weekend.

Hope Totes has supplied Child Protective Services’ local Rainbow Room with tote bags filled with simple items – a pillow, a towel, hygiene products. The totes are given to abused and neglected children who are pulled from their homes with no notice. The bags and their contents provide a measure of comfort and security.

Christo can still picture CPS caseworkers’ reactions when the Junior League delivered the Hope Totes.

“It was one of those moments in my life where I felt, ‘We just made a difference,’” she said.

“Leadership,” she added, “involves a two-pronged approach: servanthood and passion. When these two things align, leaders naturally emerge.”

Christo is recognizable around town as one of the city’s most popular performers of the national anthem. She has sung it at the San Angelo Rodeo, at Civic Events shows and at the San Angelo Symphony. Singing, along with CrossFit and calligraphy, help balance life’s other pressures, she said.

 “Never give up on your passions,” she advised.