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Nature Center reopened

The Nature Center reopened May 19.

Hours of operation are Tuesdays through Saturdays from noon to 5 p.m.

The San Angelo Nature Center is a collection of animals, along with related exhibits and information, that are native to the Southwest. Among the animals are bobcats, skunks, a porcupine, hissing cockroaches, tarantulas, scorpions, turtles, lizards and snakes.

If you have children who are crazy about animals - or you're just crazy about them yourself - we encourage you to join our membership program!

The Nature Center offers four membership types:
• Individual - $25
• Family - $50 
• Benefactor - $75
• Corporate - $150


What is the adopt-an-animal program? 
It's a program in which you can financially contribute toward a particular animal in the Nature Center. Your money could go toward general upkeep and food, or you can request it be used to buy a better cage or aquarium for habitat.

What are my options?
There are three ways to help our animals through this program:

  • Basic Adoption: For $10, you will receive your animal’s information and certificate.
  • Memorable Adoption: For $25, you will receive your animal’s information, a certificate and an 8X10 framed photo.
  • Adoption Plus: For $50, you will receive your animal’s information, a certificate, an 8X10 framed photo and a Nature Center T-shirt.

How do I adopt an animal? 
By filling out a form at the Nature Center.

Can I do this as a gift?
Yes! There is that option on the form.

Interpretive tours

What is an interpretive tour? 
This tour is given by one of our qualified staff members and takes the group through our center discussing some taxonomy, history, general information and interesting facts about our animals. Also during this time, the children get to interact one-on-one with some of the animals.

There are two types of tours we can provide:

An on-site tour or an off-site tour (where we bring the animals to you)

How much does an on-site tour cost? 
On-site tours cost $60, which covers up to 25 children. If there are more than 25 children in the group, there is an additional charge of $1.50 per child.

How much does an off-site tour cost?
Off-site tours are a flat fee of $75, which covers as many children as you can fit into your facility.

How long does a tour last?
Typically it lasts about an hour, although it can last a bit shorter or a bit longer, depending upon the group. If your group is on a tight schedule, then we will stick with your schedule.
Who can have a tour? 

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