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Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Board

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The Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, or TIRZ, was created in 2006 to preserve the near and long-term integrity of the economic and social investment in the designated area and to encourage additional new projects within that area. The TIRZ board makes recommendations related to that mission and those efforts to the City Council. The board was reorganized by ordinance on May 18, 2016. Details of the new TIRZ board are outlined below.


The TIRZ district has two eligibility areas for incentives: the TIRZ-North and the TIRZ-South. Within these areas, a variety of incentive types are available to encourage revitalization and infill development of properties in these key locations. Please click here to review the TIRZ South Policy and here to review the TIRZ North Policy to see if your business or property qualifies.  Currently, the window cycle in which to apply for incentives for both the TIRZ-North and the TIRZ-South is closed, with the next cycle anticipated to open in the Fall of 2020.  Please contact Shannon Scott at 325-653-7197 for more information on the TIRZ Program.   

Applicant comments

"The TIRZ program is amazing. The things that it does and the help that it gives to people like Jody and I is truly amazing. When we were first told of the program, we were a little shocked that the city (or anyone for that matter) would consider giving us money. It is not every day that someone just gives you money and the amount of money that you give at that. The idea that we could get money to help fulfill our dream, by total strangers, well just the thought was overwhelming. And then to actually be awarded, not once but twice-what a blessing! This has been a very humbling experience and we are so proud to be a part of this community! "

Michelle (and Jody) Babiash

Meeting times and board composition

The board generally meets at 3 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of every month in the East Mezzanine at City Hall, 72 W. College Ave. Agendas are posted on this website and may also be found City Hall. For questions regarding the board meetings, agendas or board composition, contact Planning & Development Services Director Jon James at (325) 657-4210.

The TIRZ board consists of nine members.

  • Jim Cummings - Chairman - Mayor
  • Jon Mark Hogg - District 1
  • Toni Hunter - District 5
  • Jason Fernandez - District 3
  • Dudra Butler - District 4
  • Lee Pfluger - Vice Chairman - Tom Green County - 1
  • Mike Biggerstaff - Tom Green County - 2
  • Greg Gayler - District 2
  • Tom Maurer - District 6

Membership requirements include the following:

  • Six members appointed by the City Council from those who own property within the zone; appointees of Council members representing Districts 2, 3 and 4 shall live, work and/or own property within the TIRZ-North. Appointees of Council members representing Districts 1, 5 and 6 shall live, work and/or own property within the TIRZ-South;
  • One member appointed by the mayor;
  • Two members shall be appointed by the Tom Green County Commissioners' Court.

In addition, there shall be five non-voting, ex-officio members who will attend and participate in an advisory capacity. Each one of the five will be a representative of each of the following organizations:

  • San Angelo Chamber of Commerce - Vacant
  • Downtown San Angelo, Inc. - Del Velasquez
  • San Angelo Independent School District - Dr. Jeff Bright
  • Goodfellow Air Force Base - Kevin Bruce
  • Angelo State University - John Klingemann

Board members may serve up to three terms of two years each. For the initial board member appointments made by the City Council, four shall be for a two-year term, and three for a three-year term. For the initial board member appointments made by the County Commissioners Court, one shall be for a two-year term and one for a three-year term.

Board members

Anyone interested in serving on the board should contact the City Clerk's office on the second floor of City Hall or call (325) 657-4405 for more information. For additional board information, contact the board liaison, Planning & Development Services Director Jon James at (325) 657-4210.

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