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How to comply with common violations

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1 water during hours-1
 Outside Watering  

The frequency of outside watering is restricted, depending upon the time of year, the time of day and the drought stage in effect. It is always a violation to allow water to run more than 150 feet down any street, gutter, alley or ditch and to water your lawn, trees & plants during restricted hours.

  • Keep your eyes on the sprinklers, check the street for excessive runoff.
  • Inspect irrigation system, repair broken water lines, sprinkler heads, and adjust direction of spray.
  • Minimize irrigation time.
  • Leaks occurring from a street, alley or public property can be reported to Water Distribution 325-657-4295.
  • Leaks occurring on private property can be reported to Water Customer service 325-657-4323 or Code Compliance 325-657-4409.
  • Water violations can be reported to Code Compliance 325-657-4409.

2. Tall grass, weeds

Perform a weekly inspection, when necessary cut tall grass, weeds, brush from property & alley. Property owners and/or tenants are responsible for maintaining property to the curb or street edge and to the middle of the alley, the width of property.

3 junk-3

3. Junk & unsightly

Perform a weekly inspection of property & alley; collect loose trash and avoid the accumulation of junk, trash, debris and avoid allowing property to become unsightly.

  • Please take junk, unwanted items to landfill, free dumping for all residential customers, call 325-655-6869 and please arrive with your most current water bill.
  • Make use of bulk collection service.
  • If possible, assist your neighbors.

4 dumping-4


Disposing, placing or depositing trash, junk, debris, tree trimmings, garbage or refuse on private or public property.

  • Please do not dump! Take all your unwanted items, trash, and junk to the landfill. Remember, free dumping for all residential customers, call 325-655-6869. Please arrive with your most current water bill.
  • Be observant, when you witness this violation, make note of the vehicle make, license plate number and persons that are committing the act.
  • As soon as possible call Code Compliance, 325-657-4409.
  • After 5 p.m., please call the Police Department, non-emergency 325-657-4315.

5 garbage-5

5. Garbage containers

In the street:  may be set out for collection the evening before scheduled service day and please remove by noon the day after collection service and:

  • Store containers inside garages, carports or in the immediate vicinity of those structures
  • Keep containers closed at all times.
  • Do not place items on top of container.
  • Report any violations to the Solid Waste Division, 325-486-3798.

6 view obstruction-6

6. View obstruction

Driver stops at an intersection and cannot see oncoming traffic because of an overgrown bush located on a corner or near curb.

  • Owner of the property where plant is located in, can cut the overgrown bush, plants to 2ft tall as measured from the top of the curb to optimize the view of street & oncoming traffic.
  • Owner of the property can adjust the height of a fence (may have to set the fence back further from the street) or other view obstruction that is located within the area between the property line and the curb, to 2 ft. tall as measured from the top of curb.

7 Junked vehicle-7

7. Junked Vehicle

Allowing a vehicle that is visible from the public right of way and is located on private property, is wrecked or inoperable, with no license plate or a vehicle that has expired registration certificate, and has remained inoperable for more than 30 days may be declared a public nuisance.

  • Some vehicles can be placed in a garage or can be screened from public view by means of a privacy fence.
  • Ensure the vehicle is maintained in an operable condition, tires remain inflated, and vehicle is not dismantled.
  • Ensure registration certificate is not expired.
  • Ensure license plates are attached.
  • Please report abandoned vehicles parked on the street or public property to:
    • Police Dept., Traffic section at 325-657-4307 or
    • PD dispatch non-emergency at 325-657-4315                  

8 tree trim-8

8. Trees to be trimmed

Branches interfering with vehicle or pedestrian travel: owners of such trees should prune trees so branches overhanging into alley, sidewalk or street do not interfere with pedestrian and vehicle travel, and prune trees so branches do not block the view of any street sign.  The height of branches over curb, side walk area should be no lower than 7 ft. above the ground, sidewalk and curb.   

9 sign bad-9

 Prohibited signs and locations 

Citizens are permitted to place signs on private property, however, signs are not permitted to be placed on city, state right-of-ways, utility poles, street sign poles or on medians.

  • Residential properties – signs may be placed on the lot line and inside the boundaries of the lot.
  • Commercial properties – signs may be placed 10 feet from curb or on the lot line, whichever is furthest from the street.
  • Permits may be required, call Building Permits & Inspections, 325-657-4210.
  • Permanent signs are restricted to size & number of signs, call Building Permits & Inspections.
  • Before installing any type of sign, please call the Building Permits & Inspection Division. 

10. Vector breeding

Do not allow water to collect, become stagnate and breed insects, such as mosquitoes.

  • Empty water bowls and items that collect water, especially after a rainy day.
  • Remove old tires.
  • Use Larvacide to prevent breeding of insects.

All ordinances can be viewed here.