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Building Permits & Inspections serves and assists the public with various development-related projects through outstanding permitting and inspection services that protect the public's interest in property and the lives and safety of citizens. This goal is accomplished through achieving compliance with applicable codes through education and excellent customer service. 

Permit status

To check the status of a permit, click here.

Applying for a building permit

For information on how to apply for a new commercial construction, additions and renovations building permit:

Follow this link to Planning & Development Services

How do I apply for a building permit for new residential construction, additions and renovations?

Are there any permits I can apply for online?

Yes, via Click2GovBP you can apply for permits for backflow change-out, irrigation backflow, plumbing sewer service, water heaters and softeners.

Visit Click2GovBP monthly as more online building permit services are added. More information can be found under Information, Handouts and Forms.


This page is meant to provide San Angelo residents, business owners and visitors timely information about the people and places that comprise San Angelo’s 24 distinct neighborhoods that are cumulatively home to nearly 100,000 residents. Each neighborhood has its own page with basic demographic information and opportunities to learn about private commercial development and City capital improvement projects underway in each area and throughout the city. 


Building and construction ordinances 

Schedule of fees and charges

Online backflow management system quick start guide

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