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Update July 3, 2020 - Lake Nasworthy parks, beaches closed July 4 weekend. Original: Parks closed from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Post Date:06/25/2020 8:23 AM


Lake Nasworthy July 4 fireworks show postponed, parks at Lake Nasworthy to remain closed until July 13

Post Date:07/03/2020 6:21 AM

 “I applaud the leadership of the Lake Nasworthy Homeowners Association for the decision to postpone the Fourth of July fireworks show. I know this was not an easy decision to make. After Governor Greg Abbott’s announcement yesterday regarding masks and limiting gatherings to 10 people, this decision to postpone the fireworks was made in the best interest of the citizens of San Angelo. I greatly appreciate the Lake Nasworthy HOA’s leadership and them taking a strong position as it relates to the health and safety of all of the citizens,” Mayor Brenda Gunter said.

Since the 4th of July firework show has been postponed to a later date, the parks around Lake Nasworthy will remain closed for all activities (including camping) until July 13. Public boat ramps will remain open for people to launch boats into the lake.

The decision to close the parks around Lake Nasworthy was made to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community. We currently have over 200 active cases of COVID-19 in Tom Green County. 

A reminder that the Governor has limited all gatherings to 10 people. Link to proclamation from Governor Abbott regarding gatherings.

Per Governor Abbott's executive order on July 2:

Face coverings are required in Texas for every county that has more than 20 cases of COVID-19. (visit the link above for the list of exceptions)

  • Face coverings are required wherever social distancing is not feasible:
    • Inside commercial entities or other buildings or space open to the public
    • Outdoor public spaces where social distancing is not feasible
  • Violations (enforced by Police Department, Code Officers, & Health Inspectors):
    • First time: written or verbal warning
    • Second time and on: punishable by fine not to exceed $250 per violation
    • The executive order prohibits anyone being confined to jail for violation


Link to the announcement of postponement of the fireworks show by the Lake Nasworthy Home Owner's Association. 


Update on Lake Nasworthy parks for July 4 fireworks show

Post Date: July 1, 2020

The Lake Nasworthy Homeowners Association announced Tuesday, June 30, that it would be moving forward with the annual fireworks show July 4. In light of this announcement, the City of San Angelo will open certain parks to allow citizens to view the fireworks. These parks will be open from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The City stresses that every citizen stay home but we understand wanting to celebrate this national holiday. If you do leave your home to view the fireworks, we strongly ask that you stay in your car and do not congregate with people outside of your immediate household. A reminder: private gatherings of 10 or more people and any outdoor gathering of 100 people or more are prohibited per Governor Abbott’s orders.

“Upon learning that the July Fourth fireworks show was still scheduled to take place, the San Angelo Police Department continued planning for this event,” Police Chief Frank Carter said. “Based on the very large crowds that attend this event, the department decided it was in the best interest of public safety if some of the lake parks were opened in order to ensure ingress and egress. This will help aide in access for first responders to all areas of Lake Nasworthy and surrounding areas. It is always the desire of this department that every event is conducted as safely as possible for all members of the community.”

The City recommends for everyone to stay home this Fourth of July to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community and to avoid all gatherings with anyone outside your immediate household. If you decide to go to the lake for the fireworks show, we strongly encourage people to remain in their vehicles.

Visitors may watch the fireworks show but must leave immediately after. The San Angelo Police Department (SAPD) will allow time for visitors to leave before enforcing the 11 p.m. park closures. Camping is also prohibited until July 13.

Middle Concho Park and its boat ramps will not be open to the public until July 13. All other public boat ramps will be open. The Spring Creek, Mary E. Lee and South Concho parks’ restrooms will also be open to the public.

A reminder, City parks around Lake Nasworthy are closed until July 13. Tom Green County Parks will be closed to all activities beginning on July 2 and ending on July 13.

Citizens visiting the lake are encouraged to alert SAPD if they witness any instances of vandalism, reckless behavior or other unlawful acts in an effort to keep Lake Nasworthy safe, enjoyable and attractive.

Lake Nasworthy parks that will be open from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. July 4:

  • Mary E Lee Beach, 2160 Mary E. Lee Road
  • South Concho Park, 1608 South Concho Drive
  • Pecan Creek Park, 8400 Country Club Road
  • Knickerbocker Park, 6402 Knickerbocker Road
  • Hillside Drive, 6600 block of Knickerbocker Road
  • Fish Hatchery Road Park, 3500 block of Country Club Road. 

Update June 29, 2020

Lake Nasworthy parks, beaches closed July 4 weekend

Post Date:06/29/2020

Effective at midnight Friday, July 3, all parks and beaches at Lake Nasworthy will be closed to the public. The closures will remain in effect until July 13.

These closures are part of the City of San Angelo’s effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The City is in discussion with the Lake Nasworthy Homeowners Association regarding the July 4 fireworks show. We do not have any further information at this time.

List of lake parks

Hot Water Slough Park

Knickerbocker Park

Mary E. Lee Park

Mary E. Lee Beach

Middle Concho Park

Pecan Creek Park

Red Bluff Circle

Rock Slough Park

Shady Point Circle

South Concho Park (Lake Park)

Spring Creek Park

Fish Hatchery Road Park

Shalimar Road Park

Original news release 

All City of San Angelo and Tom Green County parks and recreation areas will be closed from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. for all purposes, including overnight camping.

This order takes effect at midnight on Friday, June 26, 2020 and will extend until midnight July 13, 2020.  

View the full declaration here.

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