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Property purchases to help lessen Avenue P flooding

Post Date:11/07/2017

The City Council today approved purchasing two key pieces of property that will lessen the threat of flooding along Avenue P.

In a unanimous vote, the Council authorized City Manager Daniel Valenzuela to negotiate and execute a contract for the purchase 1805 and 1806 Harbor Court. The purchase price will not exceed $600,000. The purchase will be made with funds earmarked for a flood-control project along Avenue P.

City engineers plan to build a detention pond on the vacant lots that could hold the stormwater produced by a 25-year rainstorm – a storm capable of producing 5.25 inches of rain over a 24-hour span. The pond will prevent stormwaters from rushing down Avenue P and flooding homes along the street.

“It’s not the 100-year fix we were seeking,” City Engineer Russell Pehl said, “but this is a definite step in the right direction. We hit a lot of roadblocks trying to purchase key properties that could have accommodated a 100-year storm. This solution will accommodate a 25-year rain event.”

Pehl stressed the City must still acquire two more pieces of property before the detention pond can be built. Negotiations are progressing with those landowners, he said.

After the pond is built, Pehl said the City will look to reshape Avenue P to keep floodwaters in the middle of the roadway rather than draining outward toward homes.

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