Sealcoating begins Sept. 4

The sealcoating of selected City streets begins Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Contractor Ronald R. Wagner & Co. has begun alerting homeowners when the work will occur on their streets so they can park vehicles elsewhere during that time. Vehicles left in the street will be towed so the work can be completed and returned to the same location. Owners may be fined for failure to move the vehicle.

The work will take about four weeks. Streets in the PaulAnn and Belaire neighborhoods, and the Rio Vista and Houston elementary school areas will be treated. Additional sealcoating will be performed in the East Concho area, along Oxford Drive/Avenue, on Foster Road, and in the parking lots at Lone Wolf Bridge and the City’s stormwater operations facility. Maps of the streets to be sealcoated are posted at

Sealcoating is not to be confused with resurfacing a roadway. Sealcoating involves applying a thin layer of asphalt and rock to a street’s surface. That prevents moisture from seeping into the asphalt and damaging the roadway’s base. The process extends the life of a street’s surface.

This marks the fourth year of an eight-year cycle to maintain every city roadway in San Angelo. The City Council in July awarded Wagner a $4.1 million contract to perform the work. That figure represents a 65-percent increase over the $2.5 million spent last year. The square yardage to be treated is increasing 43 percent. The rising cost of petroleum products used in the process accounts for the difference.

Operations Department

The Operations Department is responsible for providing effective transportation and an efficient infrastructure for anyone who lives or works in San Angelo. The Operations Department accomplishes this task by working cooperatively with citizens and businesses to provide vital services to the City of San Angelo. The department is comprised of the following divisions:

Fleet Services

Fleet Services (formerly known as Vehicle Maintenance) keeps the City of San Angelo moving by providing expert analysis and repairs of City-owned vehicles and equipment.  The efforts of our 17-member staff are directed at servicing light- and heavy-duty vehicles and equipment, new vehicle make ready, accessory rig-up service, parts supply, licensing and registration, fuel services, vehicle and equipment purchasing, and auction hosting (sales).

Lake Operations

Lake Operations is responsible for the maintenance on and around Lake Nasworthy and Twin Buttes Reservoir. This includes: repair and upkeep of City-owned boat docks and ramps, watering and mowing of park facilities, removal of dead or diseased trees and planting of new trees, repair and/or replacement of bouys, emptying more than 200 trash cans on a regular basis, and brush abatement.  


The Stormwater Division improves the quality of stormwater runoff through effective maintenance of drainage features, street sweeping, right-of-way maintenance and mowing, and approved methods of herbicide applications. It is also responsible for new construction of drainage structures.

Street & Bridge

Of the City Council's five approved priorities, streets ranks No. 2. Learn more by clicking here.

The Street & Bridge Division is responsible for maintaining all roadways, alleys and pertinent structures related to both. It also performs a wide variety of other tasks, including but not limited to herbiciding and mosquito spraying, picking up illegal dumping, and setting barrels out for flooding and street closure permits.

Traffic Operations

The Traffic Division is responsible for traffic signal timing improvements, signal head and LED replacements, the repair and replacement of signal control equipment (including traffic detection systems, controllers, cabinets, visors, louvers, etc.), warning flashers at schools, outdoor warning sirens and the installation of traffic signals at warranted locations.

Street lighting

The street lighting throughout San Angelo is maintained by AEP. To report a street light outage on a city street, call the Operations office at 325-657-4206. Please have the number from the light pole available. (Street lights in alleys are not maintained by the City.)