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Development Review Committee

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Development Review Committee

The Development Review Committee is a free service offered by the City of San Angelo since 2007. This service allows a forum for citizens to discuss their drafted plans for prospective non-residential or sizable, multi-lot residential project(s) with a team assembled from all of the City's development-related divisions. This avoids the inconvenience of having to visit each division separately to obtain answers to important questions or needed guidance.

The DRC is attended by a representative from each of the following departments/divisions:

When appropriate, additional representatives from groups such as Health Services or Economic Development may attend. 

DRC meetings are intended for projects which have a draft or sketch plan of the site layout prepared.  Beginning Sept. 1, 2014, requests for a DRC meeting will be accepted solely from an online request form.

Once submitted, the Office of the Director will review the information to ensure it is complete and meets the requirements outlined below. Requests that are complete and received before noon on Tuesdays will be scheduled for a 45-minute time slot on Friday morning of that same week. Each 45-minute time slot will cover a single property. 

Incomplete requests will not be scheduled until all required information has been provided.

Consultation requests

Fundamentally different from a DRC, a tailored consultation can be arranged to discuss prospective projects that are in the preliminary stages of fact-finding and for which no draft plan currently exists. This service is ideal for new or prospective property owners, or to conduct focused discussions on a particular aspect of a property or City process with City officials. While customers are welcome to walk in during business hours with questions, this is a pre-arranged time slot dedicated to their specific questions, involving the staff members during a scheduled half-hour discussion. Those less formal gatherings can also be requested via this online form.

If you have further questions, call us at 325-657-4210 or email Senior Administrative Assistant Sheri Guidry or Office Assistant Sheri YoungbloodWe welcome the opportunity to assist you with your project.


DRC request form

Development consultation request form